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Mile Creek Resort   RV Park and Campground 

13218 SW Tawakoni Rd  Augusta, KS  67010

A Place For the Entire Family!


  1. QUIET HOURS: 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. BE COURTEOUS OF OTHER CAMPERS! No loud talking, music, TVs, ECT should be heard beyond the campsite. Please turn off outdoor lights.
  2. VISITORS: All campers are responsible for their visitors, their actions reflect on you. Daily visitors will need to exit the campground before Quiet Time (except immediate family members). Visitors remaining past quiet time will incur the normal overnight camping fee, per person, billable to your campsite. Maximum of 6 people per site including visitors, excluding children under 18.
  3. OFFICE/CARETAKER: Business hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After Normal Business Hours:Non-Emergencies will be handled the next available business day (For example: Billing inquiries, campsite modification requests, firewood delivery, ect).  Please email the office for all non-emergency item at Emergencies will be handled as soon as possible (For example: Broken/leaking 4MCR owned water valves, a complete loss of power to RV, ect.). Please call 316-733-0459 and email the office at
  4. CAMPSITES: One camping unit and two vehicles per camping site or one tent and two vehicles per tent site. RVs must be tagged/registered, insured and in moveable condition. Tents for children are acceptable for campsites occupied by an RV.
  5. One water hose connection per site for RV use only. Do not leave hoses out or the water supply on while away from the campground. No grey/black water dumped on ground in accordance with state laws.  Do not wash vehicles/ golf carts, campsite equipment/structures or RVs in the campground.
  6. 2 strings of LED outdoor patio lights per campsite. Do not attach anything to 4MCR or Westar owned electric meters, posts or boxes. Attempting to plug in multiple items, aside from the RV, into the campsites electrical service may result in overcapacity.
  7. Keep your campsite visually appealing, uncluttered, neat and mowed. Campers with unkempt sites will be notified. If not corrected within the given time frame, 4MCR staff will mow/clean the site at your cost.
  8. Please communicate to the office if you are going to remove your RV from your campsite to avoid any confusion as to the availability of the campsite. During an extended absence we ask that all personal belongs be stored in a shed or one of our storage units until you return for your peace of mind during your absence.
  9. If a campsite appears to be vacated and no notification was received by the office, items left behind are subject to immediate disposal. Costs incurred by 4MCR will be billable to you.
  10. CAMPSITE MODIFICATIONS: Inquire with the office before making ANY changes or adding any structures to a site. A request form is required. If approved, all structures must be temporary in nature and easily manageable for removal.
  11. CAMPFIRES are allowed within metal fire rings. No outside firewood is allowed to be brought in. Help us to minimize the potential spread of insects/disease to healthy live trees within the campground. Firewood is for sale at 4MCR.
  12. BE COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL to your neighbors. Please follow only designated roads or walkways. Please do not cut through occupied or unoccupied RV sites.
  13. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are not to be in evidence at any time. No open containers allowed off your campsite. Intoxication/illegal activity or substances/belligerency or behavior unsuitable for a family campground will not be tolerated.
  14. PETS: Pets must be kept on a leash and under your control at all times. You should clean up after your dog. Pets are not to be tied outside of your RV when you are not in the park and are not to be left unattended.  If any pet demonstrates aggressive behavior toward another pet or camper, you will be asked not to bring the pet back into the campground. Pets are not allowed in 4MCR buildings, swim area or playground area (except certified service animals). The community recreational paths located on the far south side of the campground are dog friendly. All pets are required to be current on their Rabies Vaccination and their collar should display their Rabies Vaccination Tag.
  15. TRASH: Dispose of trash in the dumpster provided. Trash must be bagged. Max bag size 13 gallon. Do not leave trash out overnight. Please do not litter.
  16. TREES: Please do not cut/tm campground trees without permission. Do not cause damage to the trees or attach anything to the trees with screws, nails, ect.
  17. ROADS/VEHICLES: No ATV’s, 3 or 4 wheelers, off-road motorized bikes, go-carts, ect. Vehicles/golf carts must stay on designated roadways. Speed Limit is 10 MPH in the park. Park in designated areas only. Do not park on neighboring campsites. No vehicle repairs on site.
  18. FIREARMS AND FIREWORKS are strictly prohibited for the safety of all campers. Including bb guns, paint ball guns, pellet guns, bows/arrows, ect.  No hunting/trapping.
  19. LAKE:  Boaters are subject to Kansas boating regulations. Campers must pay an annual boat registration/storage fee if the watercraft is stored on the property. One small boat may be kept on your campsite. Only boats owned by registered campers are allowed. Use of motors on boats is limited to trolling motors only.  Everyone in the boat must wear a life jacket. Boats are not allowed in the swim area. No glass containers in the lake area. Fishing Limits Are Posted.  NO netting, seining, bank lines, trot line, ect allowed.
  20. SWIM AREA: No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. No glass containers. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  
  21. SMOKING: is not allowed within 30ft of 4MCR buildings.
  22. LAUNDRY FACILITIES: Open Monday thru Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please do not leave clothes in the machines unattended. Please do not leave children unattended. No campsite clotheslines except clotheslines specifically manufactured for use with RVs as a bumper mount clothesline.
  23. Rules and Regulations are intended for the safety and enjoyment of all our guests. We ask that you inquire with the 4MCR office with any question

NOT ALL RULES AND POLICIES MAY BE OUTLINED ABOVE. DO NOT ASSUME THAT IF IT IS NOT OUTLINED ABOVE THAT IT IS ACCEPTABLE. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBLILTY TO INQUIRE WITH THE 4MCR STAFF. 4MCR/RAFT Inc. is for transient lodging only. 4MCR/RAFT Inc. agreements do not in any way imply a tenant/landlord relationship. This facility is for recreational use only. 4mcr is not responsible for “Acts of Nature”. 4MCR reserves the right to refuse service or remove anyone at any time for any reason. Permit Holder, guest and it agents agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless 4MCR/Raft Inc., its employees, directors, and agents from all claims, actions and costs that may arise from loss of property, property damage, loss of service, acts of nature, bodily injury, death, and any liability, cost and expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by use of 4MCR/Raft Inc. property and its facilities.